Many candidates coming to an employer's career page aren't ready to apply for said job. The process for the candidate to find the right employer through various sources has become incredibly tedious. Potential and prospective candidates are often missed through many of said tedious and archaic process.

Our Story

GigaMe is designed to meet the needs of every employer, recruiter and candidate with less noise and more efficiency. We have more than 15 years of experience recruiting in the software and IT industry. Our hiring platform provides a simple and easy to use solution for the employer, recruiter, and potential hire. It streamlines the process in finding the right candidate for each position that has been posted.

GigaMe has been constantly planning to innovate the hiring process each step of the way. Right now we are focused a solution that is simple to use for all parties. We are constantly in enhancement mode based on feedback from current clients, recruiters, and potential hires. If our user can dream it we can do it.

Hiring Smarter