Hire perfect job seekers faster, while working with the best recruiters in the market.

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Innovative platform for employers

Engagement Algorithm

GigaMe's Engagement Algorithm will match you with potential recruiters that have successfully placed jobs similar to yours.

Smart Work Flow

Easily manage your entire recruiting process, view your current openings, and engage with recruiters on a single dashboard.

Messaging system

Our in-house messaging system will allow you to communicate with your engaged recruiters and notify them when a message is sent.

Elite Framework

Our experience in the development and technology industry provides a quality customer experience with the latest technologies to support our platform.

Notification Alerts

Our notification system will alert you of any actions that are taken on our dashboard from both engaged recruiters and job seekers.

GigaMe's process

Post job

Top recruiters

Get matched with potential recruiters that are best suited for your specific job.

Review recruiters past experience and performance to determine who to engage with.

Start working with multiple recruiters at a click of a button.

Bring your own recruiters to our platform and create your own team of recruiters to work on your requirements.

Efficient collaboration

Manage all your recruiters on one single platform.

Schedule interviews, reject or shortlist job seekers and give offers while working with multiple recruiters.

Have complete control of each step of the process on one user-friendly interface.

Help hiring managers make better hires when they're fully engaged with multiple recruiters on our platform.

Perfect Job Seeker

All job seekers are required to be pre-screened to employers by GigaMe through a series of coding test, puzzles, and games.

Hiring Managers can spend less time filtering through hundreds of unqualified job seekers and focus on hiring the perfect job seeker.

Have a transparent view of job seekers' digital profiles that include which recruiter submitted them, their test scores, resumes, status, history, feedback, and notes.

Full consolidation

Start and finish your hiring all on one single platform.

Have a complete, centralized view of all your job seekers' digital profiles at a click of a button.

Work with all your recruiters in a streamlined workflow so you don't need to chase them down for information or updates.

Flexible payment process

Use our platform at no cost.

Have the flexibility of choosing to post your recruiting fee or negotiating your fee with each engaged recruiter.

Automate the payment process by automatically making your payments when a job seeker is hired through our system.

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Understanding recruiting

Our team at GigaMe has over a decade of experience in the staffing industry which helps us understand the needs of employers. We prescreen all our recruiters before adding them onto our platform and provide them with the proper tools to fill your positions quickly and efficiently. Enjoy making better hires collaboratively with the best recruiters in the market.

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