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What is GigaMe?

GigaMe is the collaboration platform between employers and recruiters. Our mission is to help companies save time and money by having the ability to engage with multiple recruiters and agencies, while simultaneously automating the entire hiring process on one single platform. Our platform helps employers and recruiters to work together in a more efficient and effective manner.

Why use GigaMe?

Potential Recruiters

GigaMe will guarantee to save your company time by finding the right recruiters for you.

Quality Candidates

All job seeker submissions will only be of the highest quality because we screen all our candidates thoroughly.

Free to use Platform

Our platform is completely free. The only form of payment the employer makes is when a job seeker is officially hired.

Job Seeker Submissions

Employers will receive a large pool of qualified job seekers for each of their open jobs and control the number of submissions.

How it Works

Working together

GigaMe's technology allows employers, recruiters, agencies, and candidates to work together by using our user-friendly platform with an automated process.

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GigaMe improves the entire collaboration process between employers and recruiters to hire the best job seekers in the market