Imagining a better hiring process for everyone

Successful hiring is not about the number of resumes you review, it's about getting the best and most-qualified candidate for the role you are filling Engineering candidates. Every time.



Of candidates lose interest in a position or question a company's ability to make a timely decision.



Of job candidates believe the hiring process should take no more than 21 days.

Better engineers.

Faster results.

Superior experience.

GigaMe's intelligence-based algorithms eliminate much of the frustration found in legacy hiring approaches. By reducing "paper pushing", we let you spend more time with higher quality candidates.


Omni-channel sourcing

Too many companies rely on outdated processes and technology to source candidates. The GigaMe platform provides a vast network to source high-caliber candidates.


A superior experience for everyone

When the only people you are presented are qualified, excited, and want to work for your company, the hiring process becomes more focused and streamlined.


Extraordinary candidates

The GigaMe platform utilizes extensive algorithms to review thousands of candidates in order to extract a relative handful of the best that are closely aligned with your needs.


Our sweet spots

Over the last seven years, GigaMe has worked with numerous companies in the Bay Area, from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies, to fill more than 500 roles.




Of hiring managers believe that data driven hiring will have a positive impact and provide benefits to their business.



Of job candidates feel the job for which they interviewed was different than the job description.

How it works

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The job market is changing fast. Are you?

In the hyper-fast pace of today's global economy, there's no question the processes for securing talent is evolving at a frenetic pace. Development cycles, product releases, and even a company's operating quarter can be missed just because it took longer than expected to hire the right candidate. Try GigaMe. We offer a proven and effective way to stay ahead of the competition and keep you on the leading edge.