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Key features for recruiters/agencies

Perfect Matching

GigaMe will match you with potential jobs that best suit your experience and industry.

Automated Process

Easily manage all your job seekers' digital profiles and where they are in each step of the hiring process, while streamlining the entire work flow.

Feedback Stream

Receive feedback on specific job seekers so you can continually provide better matches to the employer.

Seamless Communication

Communicate between all your job seekers and employers with our messaging system, while receiving alerts for each and every action that is taken.

Privacy of Job Seekers

Your job seeker database is private and not accessible to anyone else on the platform. Only the job seekers you choose to submit to employers can be viewed by them.

Talent Pool

Create your talent pool by pre-screening each of your job seekers and uploading their digital profiles and engaging with new talent.

Engage with jobs

Get matched with jobs that are related to your talent pipeline and skills.

No more headhunting for jobs and pitching your services to employers.

Become a part of the employers online recruiting team.

Request to engage with specific jobs that match with your job seeker's skill sets.

Manage every step

Manage all your job seekers that have been submitted through our user-friendly interface.

Get notified when your job seekers are moving along the hiring process.

Our platform gives you a smart workflow of each step in the hiring process to create a hassle-free recruiting environment.

Simplify your recruiting

Focus on finding your job seekers their perfect job instead of spending time looking for clients.

GigaMe manages each job post so that it's not crowded with too many recruiters.

Simply submit job seekers without marketing yourself.

Increase productivity

No need to use multiple systems because everything will be on one single platform.

Fully streamlined workflow so you can easily submit and track all your job seekers.

Consolidated communication between everyone for better productivity.

Sourcing made effective and fast using our integrated tools and features.

Fair payment

There is no cost or subscription fee to use our platform.

Have flexibility on how you want to receive your payment.

Payments and collections are all automated within our platform.

Easily engage and collaborate with employers at a click of a button     Get Started For Free

Cutting-edge platform

Being involved in the recruiting industry so long has allowed us to understand the needs of recruiters. GigaMe will help all our recruiters on our platform be more successful with their placements. Our simplified platform will help you effectively engage with more potential employers and their job openings.

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