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If you need to change your GigaMe account settings, like your name, email address, or password, you can use your Account Settings page once login by in your GigaMe account.

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To post jobs, engage, hire candidates and search jobs on GigaMe, you'll need to set up an account.

To make a GigaMe account:

  1. Go to

  2. At the top right corner, click on the tab that represents yourself (employer, recruiter, job seeker) and you can request for a registration and sign up under the specific tab that you fall under.

  3. Fill in the blanks and provide accurate information.

  4. You can also create your account by signing up with your Facebook and Linkedin accounts

  5. Home page,

    Facebook and LinkedIn in Home page

    Sign Up page,

    Facebook and LinkedIn in SignUp page

    Sign In page,

    Facebook and LinkedIn in Signin page

Once you create your account, you can change your account settings any time.

Double check to make sure your username and password are correct. If it is still not working, you can simply reset your password by clicking "forgot password". You will then be able to reset your password after logging into your email.

This may mean that you need to complete your registration process by logging into your email and then completing the registration process through the email sent by GigaMe. If you're still not able to log into your account with the email you just verified with, send us an email to

When you use your Account Settings to change the email address you use on GigaMe, we'll send you a new email.

If you get an email about a change to your email address, but you didn't change your email in your Account Settings, please contact us at

You can rest your password by clicking "forgot password" An email will then be sent to the email associated with your account.

We recommend using an internet browser supported by GigaMe.

For desktop, we support the current and previous major releases of the following browsers:

  1. Firefox

  2. Google Chrome

  3. Opera

  4. Internet Explorer 11.0 or higher

For mobile, we support the current and previous major releases of the following browsers:

  1. Chrome

  2. Opera

  3. Firefox

Each time a new browser version is released, we begin supporting that version along with the last two supported versions. We will give safari browser support for both Desktop and Mobile versions soon in our next version.

If you think you are experiencing a site issue it may be easily resolved by clearing your browsing history and refreshing your page. You can also go to our clear cookies page to clear your browsing data as well. If you are still experiencing an issue, feel free to email for further assistance.

Employer FAQ

GigaMe is an online recruiting and collaboration platform. We allow employers to engage with multiple agencies all under one single platform. Receive more qualified candidates through our automated pre-screnning process to ensure that your rate of qualified candidates are increased.

No. We don't allow employers to browse profiles directly. You can only view candidate profiles when they are submitted to you by engaged recruiters.

No. GigaMe hides employer's information. After an employer engages with a recruiter, they have the option to share contact information. Our simplified messaging system helps employers and recruiters to communicate with each other without needing any additional resources.

Company can join GigaMe by filling out the Employer Request Registration form. GigaMe will then take 1 business day to authenticate your company.

Recruiters will bring their talent pool onto the GigaMe platform. Candidates can also individually sign up and request to engage with specific recruiters of there choice.

Unfortunately you can't contact the candidates directly. Once candidates are submitted to your job posts, you can follow the stream-lined hiring process to communicate to the respective recruiters that are submitting the candidates.

Our GigaMe platform is very user friendly and easy to learn. Our technical support team will assist you through chat, phone and email if needed.

GigaMe has thousands of active and passive candidates in our database. Our network of recruiters will also work hard to bring you as many highly qualify candidates as possible to fulfill your job posts.

The number of qualified candidates presented to each position will be based on the job requirement and available candidates. Our platform will notify all our potential recruiters to submit as many qualified candidates with jobs that have the same skill sets as their talent pool.

Send us an email at for any expedited issues.

Jobseeker FAQ

Yes, you can replace the resume you uploaded at any time on the dashboard.

Go to the dashboard and select upload profile. You can upload a resume by selecting the file path. Once your resume is uploaded, a success message will appear when your document has been successfully uploaded. Making sure this information is accurate and complete. You can always correct it by the edit option in your account setting.

Once you have logged into your account you can simply click on the account settings and use the Edit link to change your password or email address.

The following formats are supported: .pdf, .doc & .docx .For better preview we recommend uploading in .doc or .docx

GigaMe only accepts text based resumes in .doc, .docx, .pdf, formats up to 5MB in size. If your resume is in one of these formats and it still won't upload, please email us at and we'll assist you with any issue you're running into.

To stop receiving email notifications, login in to your account and uncheck the notifications box under the notification settings in the dashboard.

Click Forgot password at the bottom of the login box. Next, enter your email address and click Submit. If your email address is associated with an account, you'll receive an email with a password reset link. Check your spam or junk folder if you don't see the email in your inbox.

Recruiter FAQ

GigaMe is the simplest, most efficient way to source the best people. We give all the access to jobs that are posted by employers within our platform. We also give you access to our automated pre-screening process to give to all your candidates to make sure their skills are up to date with what companies are looking for. The entire hiring process is stream-lined so it will be much easier to work with multiple employers at the same time.

New recruiters/agencies are eligible to join if they are either a preferred vendor for a new employer, or if they are a qualified recruiter with the good background and experience in technical recruiting. Recruiters/agencies must have a good track record of placing candidates in the past. All new recruiters/agencies are screened and approved by a member of the GigaMe on-boarding team to ensure that the recruiters/agencies on our platform are experienced technical recruiters that are familiar with industry trends who can make a difference.

No, you can leave GigaMe platform at any time.

Our GigaMe platform is very user friendly and easy to learn. Our technical support team will assist you through chat, phone and email if needed.

All commission information will be posted clearly in the job post. You will receive the commission by agreeing the employer's agreement terms and conditions. You will be paid after your placement of a candidate is successful with the employer terms.

All fees are paid based on what you and the employer agreed upon in the payment terms. GigaMe will pay the recruiter their portion of the fee within 5 business days of being paid by the Employer based upon the payment terms that was agreed.

If an employer already has a candidate that a recruiter/agency is trying to submit, then the recruiter/agency can no longer submit that candidate. If the candidate applied directly to the employer within a 6 month period from the date you submitted them, the employer can own the candidate and will not owe any fees if they hire that candidate.

GigaMe's algorithm blocks duplicate candidate submissions. The recruiter/agency who had submitted the candidate for the job first will receive the placement fees.

Recruiters/agencies own the candidates they submit for a period of six months from the date of submission.

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