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GigaMe has changed the traditional hiring process. We found that it is a more balanced approach. We interview candidates and they interview us. While it may seem counter-intuitive, the hires we have made utilizing GigaMe are great matches, both in skill as well as matching our company culture and individual candidates personality. When I read their homepage, "Imagining a better hiring process for everyone," I thought it was just marketing fluff. Utilizing GigaMe has allowed us to hire in weeks instead of months. If this is a peek into the future of Talent Acquisition, GigaMe is blazing an impressive trail.

Kapil Dewade

Software Engineer

In today's market, finding qualified engineering candidates is a daunting and time consuming task. There is a fight for talent that has constricted the availability of engineers, especially here [in the Bay Area]. High-demand engineering positions are increasingly hard to fill. Add to the mix applicant screening, interviews, and on-boarding, and hiring becomes both frustrating and expensive. When GigaMe first contacted us, we were skeptical, but they gave us access to profiles of pre-vetted candidates. Remarkably, there was no cost for this. I like the GigaMe business model, where we only pay if we find and hire a candidate that fits our needs.

Michael Khait

Chief Technology Officer


We all know how painful and frustrating working with recruiters from time to time. My experience with talent advocate at GigaMe was neither of these. In fact it was a pleasure and the process couldn't have gone more smoothly. Talent advocate was very timely with getting back to me and letting me know the status of next steps. My new role at EdCast as Senior Software Engineer is exactly what I was looking for in my next adventure. I now know that I have a reliable recruiter to help me in my future job searches - invaluable in itself. I went from an introduction to GigaMe, EdCast, and an offer letter all within four weeks! That's a blink of the eye in San Francisco Bay Area.

I emphatically suggest anyone in the steps of a job hunt go straight to GigaMe! They'll take care of the headaches in the painful nature of engineering interviews.

Jacob Swartz

Senior Software Engineer

How is GigaMe different from other recruiting platforms and services you've used in the past?

Our company appreciates that GigaMe has a web portal built for searching and filtering candidates. It is much easier than working with multiple traditional recruiting firms who each have their own processes and ways of doing things. I also like how I can input my technical hiring preferences and the specific skills I'm looking for in each role.

What initial concerns did you have about working with GigaMe?

Our main concerns relate to resources and if utilizing GigaMe would be cost effective. We were also a little concerned about the quality of the candidates they would suggest and if we could trust the quality of GigaMe's technical screening process but their platform is free to use so we figured we had nothing to lose.

What are the main advantages to working with GigaMe?

The main advantage was it was fast and free to get started. We had already wasted almost six months with a recruiting agency that could not deliver the caliber of candidates we were looking for. We were anxious to find quality candidates and they delivered on our requests faster than we could have anticipated!

How many candidates' profiles did GigaMe submit to EdCast?

GigaMe only submits about seven candidates that they think are the best fit for each position. Of that seven, we interview five or six and ultimately hire one. We appreciate that GigaMe doesn't send us lots of resumes to screen and review. Because GigaMe was founded by technical professionals, they understand our development environment and send us a smaller number of pre-screened candidates than traditional recuiters, which creates less work for us.

What parameters were most important for GigaMe to understand and find in candidates?

GigaMe has an internal algorithm that they used to filter candidates based on specific details like the candidate's experience, interests, expectations, location, and visa status. They also take into account the company's development culture, targeted companies to hire from (in the same industry or area) and the salary they are offering. GigaMe also helped the candidates by coaching them to be better prospective employees for us.

How has GigaMe helped the most at EdCast?

It's a combination of things. First of all, the team at GigaMe has been very responsive and willing to adapt when our hiring needs and requirements shift. They also have a great technical screening process in place and send us only the candidates that are a great fit to save us a lot of time. Their platform also has an applicant tracking system so it is much easier than using multiple platforms for the different parts of the hiring process.

What is your advice to others who might be considering using GigaMe?

GigaMe is the best way to survive in technical recruiting. If you are investing in growing your engineering team, it only makes sense to use GigaMe because of how hard it is to make a technical hire. Especially if you're concerned about saving resources, GigaMe offers quality candidates quickly and for a much smaller placement fee than traditional recruiting agencies.